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Best Golf Net - 5 Features To Consider Depending On Your Level of skill

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Golf nets are good for honing your swing action. They can help with consistency of hitting solid shots, strength leading to more distance, as well as lowering scores. All things considered, practice makes perfect, and a golf net makes practice easier! Listed here are 5 features to take into account when choosing the best golf net for your needs depending on your level of skill.

1) Height and Width - If you're a slightly more advanced player and possess the ability to hit the ball high with wedges, then you will want to make sure the world wide web is tall enough going to even a lob wedge into. Secondly, you will want to make sure it's wide enough to prevent mis-hits and the dreaded "shank"...not too you would ever do this.

2) Pricing and Net Quality - It's unfortunately a proven fact that with golf nets, you typically get what you pay for. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your level of skill. Beginners that don't hit the ball too hard don't need to worry about great and bad netting as much as a high level player with a higher ball speed.

3) Net Looseness - Hitters with higher ball speed often complain of a lot of ricochet for some golf net models. If your net looks very tight in pictures, it almost certainly has some bounce-back to it, so look closely at the reviews to make sure. You'll want to be able to hit irons, plus the driver into the net without having to worry.

4) Strength of Netting - This is a very important feature, again, for the way hard you hit the ball. Any intermediate to advanced player that can hit the ball over 200 yards (with any club) needs to make sure they are purchasing a very strong net. Beginners that can't hit the ball far do not need to worry as much. But for those who want to rip some drivers to the net, make sure it's strong!

5) Portability - If you would like move the net around town, it makes sense to look into the portability from the net. Some nets show to be a real pain that will put up and remove. Others are designed with simplicity of take-down and set-up in mind. It obviously is dependent upon your individual needs.

Make sure to take those 5 features at heart when choosing the best golf net on your skill level and intended use.

Post by netting46l (2015-12-22 11:19)

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